Household surveys can be a tough undertaking, as many moving pieces have to be synced to collect reliable data. This requires large teams to move so many different tasks along. Also it will require sophisticated tools to prepare for the survey.

However, sometimes teams will be small, and lacking of…

Data from household surveys is usually presented in table after table of useful information with important distinctive background characteristics, like wealth of the respondents, whether they live in a urban or a rural area, . region where they live, age, gender or ethnicity.

Problem is that most users find tables…

Household surveys are among most complex statistical data collection and compilation exercises out there. They are conducted by national statistical offices, other government bodies and private research organizations world wide.

Analysis for data collected in them can be done in a variety of tools.

To me, value added in using…

Sometimes editing a MS Word document would require adding parenthesis around a number in a table. At least it did in my case.

While working on several hundred paged Word documents, with numerous tables in them, one of the tasks I was kindly charged with, was to add parenthesis around…

Filip Mitrovic

Believer in the whole "Better data, better lives" thing. Wish I had a dog.

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